Saturday, 9 July 2016

Wireless things temperature sensors, LLAP and the house of the future.

ESP8266 Woes

I have spent a large amount of time trying to get the ESP8266s to sleep. I have this problem:

I've tried to ground the pins as discussed in that thread. Given that the batteries last two to three weeks, the debugging is frustratingly long. I wanted to look at other alternatives.

The Alternative

I looked again at Ciseco's / Wireless Things range again. They are powered by a CR2032, and cost £10 - slightly more expensive than an ESP8266, but are boxed, reliable and portable:
This is attached to a Pi and is used to convert the 868MHz LLAP output to HTTP requests.

Django then places these into redis entries for use by the thermostat. These work really well, are very easy to setup and very simple to integrate.

Here are the output voltages for just over two weeks:

Here are the temperatures over this time. There are 6 Wireless things sensors: Attic, Barabbas, Damocles, Icarus (inside) and Eden, Heimdall (outside). Forno is a TMP102 sensor attached to a Raspberry Pi inside a metal cased CCTV camera and so gets artificially hot.

I will post further results after a few months.

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