Monday, 31 March 2014

Boldport's tiny engineer superhero kit

I have followed Saar Drimer and his company Boldport on since I got my Wuther from Wuthering Bytes last year:
Boldport's Wuther

It's an ATTiny85 on a beautifully designed PCB made for the event. Boldport are doing really exciting things with PCB design, building a free software stack called PCBmodE to design electronic circuit boards. Currently PCBs are designed using proprietary/free as in beer (but not speech) or platform limited software. I'm not sure that's particularly healthy for the maker community to thrive.

To help support Boldport and their vision, the easiest thing to do is to buy their wonderful design/art/engineering.

Here is my soldering up of the tiny engineer superhero emergency kit

Great little case for the kit.

Easy to follow instructions.

Tools for the job. I ended up not needing the vice, since I bent each leg before soldering and laid it on the floor.

Includes a sponge. I didn't use mine, since I wanted to keep it dry for an emergency.

PCB, Two resistors, LED, MOSFET and a capacitor. The only component missing from the kit is the line of solder to make the circuit board complete which is not included.

Circuit board before line of solder added. Note you have to solder a line of solder into place. This is not easy with a great big soldering iron. Much better to use a fine tipped iron.

Tweezers were required. Note the line of solder at the top of the PCB.

It's alive.

This is a great little kit, for that special Engineer in your life. Thanks Saar for your inspirational work.

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