Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Draytek 2750n and BT Infinity

We've been worrying about the Huawei Openreach Infinity modems because of the tales of woe in the BT Community forums. They overheat and can only be replaced by BT Openreach Engineers. This means you have to wait for an Engineer to turn up to replace the modem. A 2 minute job. As an insurance policy, we decided to get a Draytek Vigor 2750n. I cannot fault it. There are excellent setup instructions here:



All you need to know on top of this is that the BT Infinity Username password combination is:

Username: bthomehub@btinternet.com
Password: One blank space

It doesn't work with nothing there and it didn't work with BT. I had to use one blank space. It then connected first time.

Gallery of the install photos found below. The Openreach modem has been left on the wall for failover purposes. It is not powered up.

More photos here.

VDSL Stats

Link Status
Firmware Version 131000
VDSL2 Profile 8c
Basic StatusUpstreamDownstreamUnit
Actual Data Rate 9998 36813 Kb/s
SNR 99 62 0.1dB
Advance Status UpstreamDownstreamUnit
Actual delay 0 0 ms
Actual INP 0 0 0.1 symbols
15M CV 0 2 counter
1Day CV 12621 19 counter
15M FEC <="" td="">05 counter
1Day FEC 0 46 counter
Total FEC 0 46 counter
Previous Data Rate 0 0 Kbps
Attainable Rate 12677 36813 Kbps
Electrical Length 49 49 0.1 dB
SNR Margin 99 N/A (US0,--) 0.1 dB
SNR Margin 99 62 (US1,DS1) 0.1 dB
SNR Margin N/A 62 (US2,DS2) 0.1 dB
SNR Margin N/A N/A (US3,DS3) 0.1 dB
SNR Margin N/A N/A (US4,DS4) 0.1 dB
15M Elapsed time 219 219 secs
15M FECS 0 1 counter
15M ES 0 1 counter
15M SES 0 0 counter
15M LOSS 0 0 counter
15M UAS 0 0 counter
1Day Elapsed time 3819 3819 secs
1Day FECS 0 12 counter
1Day ES 10601 16 counter
1Day SES 52 0 counter
1Day LOSS 0 0 counter
1Day UAS 78029 30 counter
Total FECS 0 12 counter
Total ES 10601 16 counter
Total SES 52 0 counter
Total LOSS 0 0 counter
Total UAS 78029 30 counter

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Graffiti said...

Hi, I want to find a replacement for homehub4 that will allow real port forwarding for my synology NAS - would this do the trick? Would love to know - thanks paul