Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Building a customised quiet NAS using Ubuntu server 9.04: Part II (physical build and OS install)

Physical build

Foxconn R10-S3 rear view - note the spare PCI slot (e.g Gigabit ethernet card).

Remove the screw at the rear, located in the centre. The lid then slides off backwards.

It is now obvious how the front bezel is mounted. Remove the panel with the four clips carefully.

Inside front view of the unit.

Undo the screws located on the Left and Right behind the removed front bezel.

The optical and floppy drive housing can now be removed in it's entirety.

Insert the 2GB memory DIMM. A static strap must be used. Note from the pictures below that I forgot, but it would have made life much easier had I not.

Insert the first hard drive upside down, screw in and plug in power and the SATA connector.

The second drive needs to be mounted inside a 5.25" bay. An adaptor kit is required. Maplin or ebay have these available.

Plug in the SATA and power connectors. Replace all the screws, covers and front bezel. Power on the unit after connecting a Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse.

Software configuration.

Check that the disks are available to the BIOS.

Allow the system to boot from USB drives, booting Ubuntu 9.04. Use Manual partitioning. My RAID configuration is detailed in the next two pictures - a 1GB /boot slice, 4 GB swap space and the remainder for the root filesystem.

During the install, only the packages for openssh-server were selected. Postfix, Apache and NFS will be added later.

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