Friday, 20 February 2009

Maplin Precision Gold N56FU

We've just started playing with Microcontrollers, so decided it was time to invest in a better voltmeter than the ageing analogue one in the garage.

We wanted something that might work with GNU/Linux and it had to be from Maplin to cut down on postage costs. We settled on this one - a Maplin Precision Gold N56FU.

Anyway, it plays nicely with GNU/Linux and the excellent qtdmm. Fantastic reverse engineering site here.

Download the qtdmm.ini file here - the only thing required to make this work is a quick:

$ sudo chmod a+r /dev/ttyUSB0
$ qtdmm &

Load the qtdmm.ini and it all should work.


bigchrisrogers said...

Thanks for the info. Picked up one of these meters today and within a couple of minutes of finding your blog, was connected and charting results. Thanks.

Mark said...


sunu pradana said...

Hi I cannot find qtdmm.ini ( Is there any chance anyone still has it? Thanks.

Tim Gibbon said...

Hello Sunu,

Thanks for the comment - I've re-uploaded the qtdmmi.ini here (and updated the post).