Friday, 12 October 2007

Vostro 1700 update

I contacted Dell on Monday, explained the situation and the ongoing fan. They planned to send another engineer out to reconnect the fan. I explained that I was unhappy with this because it's the 3rd fault, the temp has exceeded 81 degrees and so may have caused lasting damage to a component. [ Note that linux showed that no fan was present in /proc/acpi/fan/ - FAN0 was missing. /proc/cpuinfo showed that the system ran at 800MHz by default (2GHz CPU) and /proc/acpi/*/temp showed the 81 degree figure ] when running perl script - will compare and contrast with the new replacement model.

They accepted the fault completely, after consulting with a supervisor I got the result.

They are sending me a new laptop as a priority and giving me a week to migrate my data over. Top notch customer service from Dell. I cannot fault the competence and response that I have received from them.

use warnings;
use strict;
print ("The program ramps up the CPU and hopefully the fan will kick in
\n Cntrl-C to interrupt\n");
while (1) {
my $e++;

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