Friday, 11 May 2007

Ubuntu install fun

Handed over my old Piano case PC with Zalman flower cooler, 2.8GHz processor, 1G RAM, "brand new " 80G hard drive (I broke into the static bag - it was a spare for my Sunblade 100). The PC has gone to a better place than the garage - my LLPartner. It was a mythtv project, with the remains of withnail in it. Ubuntu install was a dream. We gave up trying to get both a Belkin USB RT73 and Netgear WG111v... to give us wireless access without resorting to NDISwrapper, so we decided to bridge the onboard ethernet to wireless.

Used my OpenWRT flashed WRT54G (has survived a bricking and subsequent pin shorting), so is officially a Zombie router. Anyway, it seemed to make quite a nifty wireless bridge, but got to wait for Marty to report back.

Note to Martin - we need to upgrade the firmware on this puppy at some point. It's a learning experience doing it and shouldn't end up with us bricking it again, but Guff is good at getting a paper clip to the right shape if we mess up.

Got my WGA54G working after Martin had left - it uses following a factory reset - push the reset key in and remove and plug in the power.

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